Hello, we are Cowherds

About us

Hello, we are Cowherds

We started Cowherds in early 2014 after being inspired through personal experience of curing a chronic health condition by living a plant based way of life. Cowherds is a Salford based social enterprise and our workforce is made up of local volunteers, apprentices and workers. Our workers in-volvement in Cowherds has led to improved self confidence, self esteem and general well being. Buying our cold pressed juice gives you so much ‘more’ tasteful juice coupled with supporting your local community.

The Founders:

1. Paula Maguire

With a passion for food and a love of animals, Paula Maguire founded Cowherds with the aim of promoting veganism and a healthy lifestyle. Paula was diagnosed with a potentially life-changing disease called ulcerative coli-tis 13 years ago. However, since becoming vegan and making changes to her lifestyle Paula no longer needs to take medication for her condition. This has significantly improved her physical and emotional wellbeing. Proud to be born in Salford, she wanted to stick to her roots and open a space offer-ing great vegan food in the city she loves.

2. Jon Shepherd-Smyth

Previously a carnivore, Jon found inspiration in seeing Paula transform her health from a chronic condition to health & vitality. Jon become fanatical about nutrition and the power of it in relation to not only the length of our lives but the quality of them. After initial apprehension about a plant based diet, Jon found himself questioning his entire belief system with regards to health maintenance and what we should do to combat disease god forbid himself or another loved one come into problems. This experience paired with working in behaviour change services in the NHS for over a decade created someone with an uncompromising passion to educate and influence the masses so that people can make informed decisions on their own health.

Along the way we found out an amazing fact that there was a top bloke called Rev Cowherd who in the 18th Century held congregation at a chapel on queen street in Salford. He was a vegetarian and preached this to all his followers and this is where the first ideas of vegetarianism in Britain were formed. Reverend Cowherd offered free hot vegetable soup, medical help and sometimes even a free burial. We share many of the Rev’s values and beliefs and felt it was only right to name our company after our very own Salford legend.

We've ran pop up cafes, markets, bistro nights & community projects as we are also a social enterprise. Juicing wasn’t meant to be the sole focus but people have literally gone crazy for our glass bottles of goodness and this is why we have decided to focus all our efforts into creating liquid, nutrient dense nutrition for you lovely people as we educate along the way. Juicing is not a temporary weight loss fad - it’s a way of life. It’s the choice you make daily about what to put in your body and truly realise that ‘you are what you eat’. Our society needs to change the way we look at food and how we prevent and treat disease. So many of us are sleep walking through life with no goals, aspirations or dreams - we’re bystanders in our own life and become victim to diseases we think are genetic, bad look and out of our control.

We believe that eating a plant based whole foods diet is the single biggest action we can take to ensure we live life with that number one ingredient we call energy. As a family we decided to share our knowledge of juicing and all things healthy and we want to provide others with the specific nutrients and education to enable people to take control and shape their own lives. This is impossible if you dont look after the most magnificent structure on the face of the earth we call our body.


Welcome to Cowherds!

The Cowherds Timeline

2014 The pop up cafes, bistro & community work

2015 The Lunch Wagon, Greengate Square, Being featured on the hairy bikers

2016 Cowherds Juicery