Cleanse Types

Cleanse Types

You can unleash the true healing power of your body when trying one of our cleanse packages. They will flood your system with natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients while getting rid of all the toxins that have built up over time.

To make the most of your cleanse we advise also drinking two litres of water a day while avoiding caffeine and any non-prescribed medication, because of the toxins they contain. However, you can still drink green and herbal tea but not 40 mins before or after your cleanse portion.

Cleanse Guide

If you want to try one of our cleanse packages there are a few things you should be aware of first, so you can get the best possible experience from your cleanse.

Watch your diet the week before starting. It’s best to remove all packaged foods, processed meals and fried foods from your diet and replace them with healthy alternatives.

Try and get at least eight hours of sleep a night so your body can revitalise itself naturally.

Drink lemon water when you wake up. This helps to improve digestion, detoxify the liver, encourage healthy bowel movements and balance your PH levels.

Make sure you drink plenty of clean and filtered water. This will help to flush all the waste products out of your system. Milk thistle tea can also help your liver’s ability to detoxify.

During your cleanse try avoiding care products which hinder detoxification. These could include creams, soaps or antiperspirants which contain chemicals. Try and replace them with natural alternatives.

Pick the time you cleanse carefully, so you can treat yourself with care and slow down from life’s demands. Try exercising a bit more or doing activities such as yoga and meditation.

As you are drastically changing your body’s diet you may experience a few side effects when starting your juice cleanse. These may include low energy, body odour and headaches but they should go away when you get more energy.*

*But please give us a call with any concerns you have

After your cleanse ease back into solid foods slowly, continuing with plenty of detoxifying foods in your diet!

How to optimise your juice cleanse

Stimulants We don’t recommend the likes of caffeine, nicotine or alcohol during your cleanse. You will have a far better experience if you cut them out, putting less toxins into your body.

As coffee is so commonly drunk here’s a quick guide to help you detox from coffee in a week:

Have a coffee in the morning but skip the afternoon cup

Have a cup of half decaf, half regular coffee in the morning *While decaf isn’t totally caffeine free it contains much less than regular coffee, making it a great wean off tool.

Have a cup of half decaf, half regular coffee in the morning. Or you could drink a cup of green or black tea.

Have a whole cup of decaf in the morning. Or you could drink a cup of green or black tea.

Just half a cup of decaf today, or have a cup of green tea black tea.

No caffeine today, try a herbal alternative instead

No caffeine today, try a herbal alternative instead

Starting your cleanse

That first morning juice will make you feel alive with all that healthy extra, natural energy. And there are plenty of herbal replacements for tea and coffee should you require them.

Get a cleanse friend

This could be great to support each other, especially if you’re both doing it for the first time!

Make sure you have fridge space

Before you start your cleanse make sure you have space in your fridge for a week’s worth of juice, as they will need to be kept cold because the drinks are unpasteurized. We also recommend drinking slowly instead of gulping it down as fast as you can.

Write a cleanse diary

By writing a journal this can help you stay in-tune with what’s happening to your body. You could note down how you feel, if your energy levels change and what cravings (if any) you have.