True Red

1. True Red:

Beetroot – Lemon – Apple – Mint

Promotes -  Hydrating – Immune Boosting – Anti Oxidant – Increased Blood Flow – Liver Detox

Hardcore3. Hardcore:

Cucumber – Spinach – Celery – Brocolli Stem - Mint

Promotes -  Detox – Cleansing – Anti imflammatory

True Red4. Popeye:

Spinach – Celery – Cucumber – Lemon - Hemp

Promotes -  Detox – Cleansing – Anti imflammatory

True Red5. The King:

Apples – Cucumber – Broccoli – Ginger – Lemon – Celery – Beetroot

Promotes -  Hydrating – Immune Boosting – Increased Blood Flow – Liver Detox – Anti Viral – Anti Fungal – Anti Imflammatory

True Red6. Turbo Charger:

Apple – Ginger – Carrot - Lemon

Promotes -  Immune Boosting – Hydrating – Promotes Digestion – Anti imflammatory – Anti Fungal – Anti Viral

Veggie Lytes raw cold pressed juice - cowherds7. Veggie Lytes:

 Cucumber – Celery – Parsley – Apple – Lemon – Spinach (Or Seasonal Greens)

Promotes -  Detox – Cleansing – Ant immflamatory

Green Dragon raw cold pressed juice - cowherds8. Green Dragon:

Apple – Ginger – Coriander – Mint – Cucumber – Kale

Promotes - Detox – Cleansing – Anti imflammatory – Anti Viral – Anti Fungal

Post-Workout raw cold pressed juice - cowherds10. Post Workout:

Apple – Cucumber – Lemon  – Avocado – Banana – Coconut Oil

Promotes - Immune Boosting – Hydrating – High Protein – Aids Digestion – Healthy Fats

Phat Beets raw cold pressed juice - cowherds11. Phat Beets:

 Beetroot – Carrot – Lemon – Apple – Cucumber

Promotes -  Hydrating – Immune Boosting – Increased Blood Flow – Liver Detox

Banana Rama raw cold pressed juice - cowherds12. Banana Rama:

Banana – Avocado – Lemon – Carrot – Celery – Cucumber

Promotes - Hydrating – Immune Boosting – Detox

Breakfast Smoothie raw cold pressed juice - cowherds13. Breakfast Smoothie:

 Apple – Banana – Lemon – Cinnamon

Promotes -  Hydrating – Immune Boosting – Detox



We collect the produce from local supplier, organic where possible

We soak the produce in kangen acidic water 2.5 ph for 2-3 minutes. This kills microbes that may be on the produce. We then soak in Kangen strong alkaline water 11.5 ph for five minutes as this cleanses the produce and removes pesticides, herbicides and enhances the shelf life of the product.

The juice is then made by local happy peeps who make the juice fresh daily in our FS50 cold pressed machine.

The juice then gets delivered to your door in our juicy van

Our fresh juice gets in your belly and makes you happy and feel healthy!


Hot Shots

Boost your package by adding one of our wellness shots

Triple X (Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic) £3.00 for 50ml

Ginger Shot (Apple & Ginger)

Beetroot, Lemon & Ginger

These can be ordered in conjuction with any juice package but not individually!

Cowherds, From a Truck to a Book


50 delicious, tried & tested recipes

Covering everything from simple, energy rich breakfasts and juices/smoothies, to staple sides and easy one-pot wonders; there are recipes to suit all tastes and times of day.

Available in hardback book at £14.95 or download


Give your gut a chance! but drinking kombucha daily, great for help with any digestive problems and gets you going! quite literally!

A delicious dose of goodness for the gut, low in sugar and packed full of naturally occurring probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. £3.49 for 240ml

Choice of flavours:
Original, Passionfruit or Ginger


Juice Cleanses

We currently only offer juice packages to Manchester based peeps but we are working on it so we can bring Cowherds to everyone in the UK SOON!

Wholesale Juice

If you own a Manchester based business and would like to stock our juices then get in touch for a wholesale price list!

Production and delivery days are Tuesday and Fridays for wholesale customers

Cowherds Juicery

We are opening our own Juice Collective in Spring 2018!
Watch this space for updates.



While fasting, drink your juices at regular intervals throughout the day. Stay hydrated by drinking at least 2L of water + as much herbal tea as you want, make sure that this is at least 40 mins before or after your juice though as the heat can kills the enzymes of the juice.


Don't get back into your old eating habits. Easing out of your cleanse is just as important as easing into it!

The best way to come off a juice fast is by eating the same foods you ate while preparing for it. Try to avoid shocking the body with heavy, hard to digest foods. We recommend light meals for at least 3 days after your cleanse.