Cowherds more than just a juice

History of Rev. Cowherds

The café takes its name from Reverend William Cowherd who lived in Salford over 200 years ago. His church group held congregation in the ironically named Beefsteak Chapel, which was located on what’s now Queen St.

It was from the church sermons that the first ideas of vegetarianism in Britain were formed, as Cowherd’s congregation were meat free from 1809. He was very supportive of his parishioners and was known to give them piping hot vegetable soup, medical help and a free burial in the Beefsteak Chapel graveyard.

“If God had meant us to eat meat, then it would have come to us in edible form as is the ripened fruit.”
– Rev. William Cowherd.




Paula Maguire Paula Maguire
Co Founder

Paula is the creative and ideas person, so anything new and innovative then she will usually be the one behind this.

Paula was always an inherent vegetarian and it had always bothered her from being young about eating animals but had struggled because there wasn't a lot of education around for her to make that change so early on in her life . As fate had it she became chronically ill in her early twenties with a potentially life-changing disease called ulcerative colitis. She went down the medication route and this in turn made her feel worse, she didn't want to accept an “ill health life sentence" and so she began to make the connection around diet and lifestyle and finally made the commitment to become vegetarian.This of course improved her health no end and since becoming vegan Paula no longer needs to take tablets for her condition. This has significantly improved her physical health and one night in 2013 she just had this gut intuition that she needed to do something to make a difference in the city that she loves.Proud to be born in Salford, she wanted to stick to her roots and open a space offering great vegan food! This has of course has been a long journey but it started with Paula undertaking a diploma in professional cookery, retraining as a chef and also volunteering at various veggie establishments within the Manchester area and also catering at vegan festivals and then with this under her belt the light bulb moment happened!

Somebody mentioned did she know that Salford was the birthplace of the vegetarian movement and found out about the legend that was Rev Cowherd. This was like a moment of divine intervention and she just knew that she had to name the business Cowherds as he was told to be a good bloke who did a lot for his community and so in true homage we named our business after him!

Jon Shepherd-Smyth
Co Founder

Jon is the driver of new business and will regularly be seen delivering juice to the shops as he likes to keep the customers sweet! and he's very good at sales!

Previously a carnivore, Jon found inspiration in seeing Paula transform her health from a chronic condition to health & vitality. Jon become fanatical about nutrition and the power of it in relation to not only the length of our lives but the quality of them. After initial apprehension about a plant based diet, Jon found himself questioning his entire belief system with regards to health maintenance and what we should do to combat disease if himself or another loved one come into problems. This experience paired with working in behaviour change services in the NHS for over a decade created someone with an uncompromising passion to educate and influence the masses so that people can make informed decisions on their own health. This is still the single biggest motivator that drives Jon’s work as he believes that theres no excuse for health inequalities.

Jon is committed to raising awareness about the fact of many diseases crippling us are for the most part down to lifestyle choices we make everyday and a lack of education following a structure that we’ve been taught is optimal.

Juicy Jack

Is our guy on the machine, he creates the blends and produces the juice and always does this with a smile on his face.


Our juicy Jay has been with us from the start and he assists with juice production and can regularly be seen dancing to M Jay! but he's like family :)

The All Rounder

Our Acer is part of the production team and also does the deliveries. Is there anything that this guy cant do!

A journey to juicing

We've ran pop up cafes, markets, bistro nights & community projects as we are also a social enterprise. Juicing wasn’t meant to be the sole focus but people have literally gone crazy for our glass bottles of goodness and this is why we have decided to focus all our efforts into creating liquid, nutrient dense nutrition for you lovely people as we educate along the way. Juicing is not a temporary weight loss fad - it’s a way of life. It’s the choice you make daily about what to put in your body and truly realise that ‘you are what you eat’. Our society needs to change the way we look at food and how we prevent and treat disease. So many of us are sleep walking through life with no goals, aspirations or dreams - we’re bystanders in our own life and become victim to diseases we think are genetic, bad look and out of our control.

Welcome to Cowherds!

We believe that eating a plant based whole foods diet is the single biggest action we can take to ensure we live life with that number one ingredient we call energy. As a family we decided to share our knowledge of juicing and all things healthy and we want to provide others with the specific nutrients and education to enable people to take control and shape their own lives. This is impossible if you dont look after the most magnificent structure on the face of the earth we call our body.