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About us

History of Reverend Cowherd

Cowherds takes its name from Reverend William Cowherd, who lived in Salford over 200 years ago. His church group held congregation in the ironically named Beefsteak Chapel, which was located on what’s now Queen Street.

It was from the church sermons that the first ideas of vegetarianism in Britain were formed, as Cowherd’s congregation were meat free from 1809. He was very supportive of his parishioners and was known to give them piping hot vegetable soup, medical help and free burial in the Beefsteak Chapel graveyard.

“If God had meant us to eat meat, then it would have come to us in edible form as is the ripened fruit.”

– Rev. William Cowherd

Our Timeline

We were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the two projects that Good For Nothing Girls worked on.

GFN Girls ran its first 24 hour gig in November 2013, Play It Forward. The event consisted of 30 creatives solving creative and business briefs for Levenshulme Market and Cowherds Vegetarian Cafe.

Teamed up with Plant Food Power Chef to provide high-class vegan bistro nights for the Salford community


Worked with City West Housing on the Love Fruit & Veg Campaign

Worked in conjunction with City West Housing estates where out on a limb and no shops within reach or limited resources so we took it to them. We also showed them how to make fresh veggie meals and gave out recipe cards and samples.

Pop up Cafe at Blu Sci Mental Health Charity Trafford

Ran a Pop up Cafe at Blu Sci Mental Health Charity Trafford, offering a variety of healthy veggie based dishes to the service users. It was a bit of a change from their usual bacon butties but they give it a go and although there was some resistance they was sad to see us go!


Cookery Courses with Social Adventures

Provided a free vegan Christmas meal to the residents of Canon Hussey Court in Salford on Christmas Day!

We relocated to Greengate Square!

We wanted to still be in Salford but near to Manchester so that we had footfall to support our business and what do you know a place became available that was a stones throw away from the original site that reverend Cowherd has his church, Greengate Square! This put us on the map as we was effectively in the centre of Manchester and finally had a home, or truck, that we could call our own.


‘Lets Get Salford Juicing’

Ran the ‘Lets Get Salford Juicing’ initiative and took our van right into the different wards of Salford. We showed people how to juice, told them why they should juice, gave ten samples and then ran a competition where one lucky resident from each ward won a free juice.


‘Colour Run Manchester’

Took our van to the ‘Colour Run Manchester’. It was just us and a burger van and 11,000 people. It was epic, scary, but epic!


We developed an in house plants based cookery book.
Worked in conjunction with Cheeky Monkeys Nursery, Broughton to help with the development of healthy, plant based cookery book the the chef could use and also one for the parents of the centre. We also offered juice demos and sampling to the children.


We bought the juicy van.

Was successful in gaining funds from the Innovation Fund Salford and purchased a van, got it Cowherded up and then looked for a place to park our truck. We wanted to make Veganism mainstream and wanted to be self reliant so we had a product to sell but we could still do good stuff for the community.

Featured on the Hairy Bikers series “The Hairy Builder”

We were featured on the Hairy Bikers series “The Hairy Builder” because of the connection with Reverend Cowherds. The bikers were delving into the history of Manchester and because of this they interviewed us on the van and we were featured carrying out of a juice demonstration.


Worked in conjunction with HULT university in London who helped us to shape our future vision for Cowherds.

We launched our Ebook
Our e-book went live in 2017 and it was a big hit. We also has some hard back copies published and they sold out within days! This contains recipes of our customers faves on the van and sums up our journey.


Food truck to a commercial kitchen
Seen us make the transition from the food truck to a commercial kitchen and become a manufacturer of juice. We decided to end the food offer as the juicing had proved more popular for us. We now supply over 30 businesses with juice in Manchester and beyond.

We’ve been nominated!
We have been entered into the Innovation 100 in Manchester where our business will be featured as one of the 100 Innovative businesses.


We are opening our own Juice Collective in Spring 2018! Watch this space for updates

Meet The Founders

Paula Maguire


Paula was always an inherent vegetarian and it had always bothered her from being young about eating animals but had struggled because there wasn’t a lot of education around for her to make that change so early on in her life .
After overcoming a chronic condition through adopting a plant based way of life, Paula was inspired to share this with others and so Cowherds was formed.

Jon Shepherd-Smyth


Jon found inspiration in seeing Paula transform her health from a chronic condition to health & vitality. Jons mission is to help people improve their health and well being and will be regularly be seen delivering juice to the shops as he likes to keep the customers sweet! and he’s very good at sales!