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Health Tips for the Office

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Health Tips for the Office

We spend a significant amount of our time at work and it clearly makes sense to promote health and wellbeing in the office. Introducing healthy and nutritional juices in the office will benefit everyone in a number of different ways. It’s far too easy to sit at your desk surrounded by coffee and cookies while trying to do your work, not to mention dashing out for a fast food lunch on the run. Poor diet and lack of exercise are some of the leading causes of sickness and absenteeism at work.

Following the introduction of juices in the office we see a significant improvement in our energy levels and productivity. The micronutrients in juices encourage concentration and help us focus better in the everyday demands of the work environment. Having tasty, healthy juices in the office is a great way of boosting morale and general wellbeing leading to increased energy levels and productivity. Other benefits of juices include helping to reduce obesity and the risk of developing diabetes and other chronic diseases. Juices are free from bad cholesterol and have been shown to help prevent conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as being a great way to keep hydrated which will also make us feel better in the office.

We know there will always be snack envy amongst staff when someone pulls out a doughnut, but there’s no substitute for the benefits of having a range of great tasting juices at work. Healthy juices help promote a positive company image as well employee loyalty and commitment. Good food habits in the workplace also offer other benefits such as a decrease in absenteeism as well as a reduction in recruitment and training costs by having a lower staff turnover.

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